Advertising & PR

At Intersect, we believe great advertising has the power to persuade, build brands and drive sales, while great PR has the power to enlighten and change behaviour. From a simple one-off press ad or online banner series, to large billboards or a multi-channel campaign, we bring your business proposition to life in ways that engage, create interest and sell.


We put the most powerful words together to stir emotions, change attitudes, explain and sell new products. Intersect helps with writing for print, TV, video, content, presentations and anywhere words are needed to have an impact and persuade customers.

Public Relations

We can design and implement a strong PR campaign of any size, with strategic messages. Intersect will deliver press releases, speeches, presentations, blogs, videos and events – either stand-alone elements, or to support a wider marketing campaign.

Media Buying & Planning

With our excellent media partnerships, Intersect will plan the very best media buy for your product, your target audience and their unique and finely pinpointed demographic touchpoints.

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