Stannard Homes



We saw an opportunity for Stannard’s to reinvent themselves and improve efficiencies by simplifying their business model from 4 brands (Stannard Group, Peter Stannard Homes, Ultimate Homes and Ultimate Developments) to one master brand (Stannard Homes).

For 6 months we guided Stannard’s through a comprehensive rebrand which including a fresh new brand identity (logo, tagline, colour palette, typography, visuals, key messaging), new website, brand photoshoot and replacement of all existing signage and marketing collateral.

We launched the new brand to market in April 2019 via an integrated media campaign across radio, press, billboards, digital marketing, point of sales and public relation initiatives.


The relaunch campaign was very effective in driving awareness and engagement with the target audience and a more appealing look and feel to the brand. We also saw an increase in leads, display home traffic and website engagement.

After 4 months the number of unique website users, sessions and page views significantly increased, and the upwards trend continues.

127% increase in new users

121% increase in overall users

115% increase in traffic 

99% increase in page views

Stannard Homes continues to receive positive feedback on the website appearance and functionality.