Our Services

We bring an exceptionally wide range of local, national and international experience to every project, so we can focus our specialist skills on getting the very best outcome for your business.

Strategy & Planning

A strategy is about clearly identifying problems, and then finding solutions that are put into a plan to direct the resources that solve it – in our case, with great marketing. A good strategy will identify the unique insights behind a product or service and find ways to turn these into marketing advantages. At Intersect, we believe strongly that in-depth research underpins a sound strategy, and we offer considerable experience. The strategic plan will also inform us to help create marketing budgets and customer journeys for your business.

Design & Print

Great design helps you define your product, service or brand. At Intersect we engage design professionals who can craft your project to create something that inspires, intrigues and communicates. Whether it’s a brochure, a report, a large scale banner or an edgy new business card, we will see it through the best print channels to deliver a quality end product.

Creative Design

Design can turn ideas into captivating sales collateral, or leave a memorable impression on an outdoor billboard. Our network of creative design professionals inject innovative and bold thinking into your project to draw audiences in.


The online world and digital marketing channels have exploded in recent years, opening up a wealth of opportunities for reaching audiences with precision targeting. Intersect keeps ahead of fast evolving digital trends and developments. We can guide your business through the confusing online landscape to ensure your campaign or product is positioned to get the best out of it.

Website Development, Project Management and Maintenance

At Intersect we can help you create your online voice with a professionally written and designed website. We’ll ensure it’s a powerful marketing tool, and we can design it to increase visits, leads and sales, plus keep it fresh and updated.

SEO and Digital Marketing Account Management and Reporting

Intersect can deliver your marketing and advertising through highly effective digital channels. We ensure your messages reach your audience via search engines, websites, social media, email, content and even mobile.

Social Media Planning, Development and Reporting

We’re here to help you understand the power of social media platforms for your business, from paid and organic advertising, to managing your social media footprint for your brand or product.

Advertising & Public Relations

At Intersect, we believe great advertising has the power to persuade, build brands and drive sales, while great PR has the power to enlighten and change behaviour. From a simple one-off press ad or online banner series, to large billboards or a multi-channel campaign, we bring your business proposition to life in ways that engage, create interest and sell.

Media Planning

With our excellent media partnerships, Intersect will plan the very best media buy for your product, your target audience and their unique and finely pinpointed demographic touchpoints.

Public Relations

We can design and implement a strong PR campaign of any size, with strategic messages. Intersect will deliver press releases, speeches, presentations, blogs, videos and events – either stand-alone elements, or to support a wider marketing campaign.


Sponsorship management has evolved from simply allocating a budget to an event or sporting team and hoping it gains some traction with your target audience. It’s an area which we are increasingly being asked to participate in as budgets gets tighter and stakeholders look for a higher ROI. Our expertise lies in our ability to negotiate, develop tangible measurable strategies, creatively execute memorable campaigns, provide analytical measurement tools and maximise opportunities which are mutually beneficial for both our clients and sponsee’s.