In March 2020 the retail landscape changed and businesses were faced with a crisis like no other - COVID.

As uncertainty gripped Australia, Tyrepower WA approached Intersect to assist in strategically navigating the brand in an environment which we had never encountered or experienced before.

Our first task was to establish the direction for the company - wait it out and do nothing, tread water and continue marketing as if nothing had changed or become agile and adjust to the situation and continue to market and sell with different more tactical and relevant marketing messages.

Under the guidance of the management team, we adopted the approach of agility; developing a campaign that would support the Tyrepower brand whilst still providing an opportunity for members to sell during COVID.

Strategic business objectives

  • Shareholder Growth & Wealth
  • 4.5% Growth p/a Y on Y for Western Australia
  • Build competitive supplier pricing strategies – purchase and rebate structures for members and Tyrepower WA
  • Exclusive offers
  • Alignment with national brand – localise and adapt national campaigns and develop WA standard
  • Development of messaging for women – differentiator = store ownership of husband and wife teams
  • Optimise internal processes – opportunity for sales growth, collaboration, transparency and reporting.
  • Risk management framework – end of life tyre cycle / product cycle management

Campaign Objectives

  • Let general consumers know that Tyrepower was open for business
  • Show we understood that it was a challenging environment and Tyrepower could offer a safe and reliable service to customers
  • Tyrepower was looking out for West Australians
  • Increase awareness of being independent and locally owned
  • Reinforce that Tyrepower stores are part of the community

How we helped

Acting as Tyrepower’s outsourced marketing and communications team Intersect was able to develop, manage and execute an integrated channel campaign during the initial months of COVID.

Tasks included

  • Identification of key concerns of the market and changes in audience needs
  • Development of a COVID strategy for keeping store owners, employees and general public safe – key to this was a pick up and deliver service from people’s homes and businesses
  • Create an integrated marketing strategy including development and execution of TVC, radio, social media posts (sponsored and organic) SEO and SEM, POS materials and briefing notes for stores
  • Create and implement advertising schedules
  • Develop press releases
  • Manage sponsorships

The Result

The campaign proved much more successful than expected with sales number increasing beyond expectation as the campaign progressed. Number lifted beyond normal sales year on year and brand awareness was heightened with the consumer sentiment that Tyrepower was supporting the community through COVID.

With the rest of the country gripped by more severe restrictions than WA the success of the Pick Up Fit and Deliver campaign resulted in a change in direction to more WA centric campaigns.

Annual General meeting outcomes for marketing

Upon presenting the positive outcomes of the Covid campaigns to the store owners and board Intersect was tasked with series of strategies for the next financial year:

  • Utilise and execute the national marketing program to achieve sales and brand awareness
  • Remain fluid in market and adjust campaigns to WA centric executions (given the market conditions can vary in WA)
  • Develop ongoing marketing opportunities with key suppliers that delivery greater value to members and consumers beyond traditional approaches
  • Create and foster relationships with key media outlets to improve buying opportunities and promotional partnerships
  • Develop a CRM system which is mutually beneficial to members and consumers which not only drives loyalty but also purchase behaviour
  • Create a loyalty scheme which supports the CRM and maintains a lifetime of brand allegiance and growth
  • Identify forgotten markets and create messages specific to their needs
  • Grow sponsorship opportunities with Fremantle Dockers and West Coast Eagles to promote community engagement at a grass roots level which has synergy with the Tyrepower brand values
  • Continually assess and adjust marketing materials according to results and needs of members and consumers
  • Deliver marketing campaigns which challenge industry norms and support Tyrepower’s goal of being Australia’s leading retailer