Intersect has been an integral marketing partner of Wesbeam for nearly 20 years, working closely with the Sales & Marketing Director on strategy and execution targeting key housing residential and commercial building markets.

Over this time, Intersect has managed a wide range of marketing initiatives to support the technology and innovation to ‘build better wood’ (what drives the Wesbeam brand), to look to new and unexpected ways of expressing the brand to resonate with the new generation of customers over this time.

Client Objectives

The strategy consists of working on an integrated approach incorporating marketing, public relations, digital and sales to lead to a strengthened brand presence and customer engagement to deliver results.

  • Continue to market a confident and uniquely relevant Wesbeam brand to the Australian market;
  • Build credibility and authority for the Wesbeam brand;
  • Establish substance to the Wesbeam brand and products;
  • Grow the awareness of the Wesbeam brand as a superior supplier of construction products;
  • Educate the target markets on the Wesbeam range and supply of products.

How We Helped

Intersect’s key strength over this time has been the consistency in achieving the integrated marketing approach Wesbeam has needed. Acting as strategic partners but also managing and executing all projects that achieves the objectives of the business. Some of this includes:

  • Liaise with the team nationally on a regular basis to assist in developing tools to position Wesbeam strongly to the target markets.
  • Provide the target market with easily managed tools to assist in education of Wesbeam products.
  • Position Wesbeam as a professional supplier of construction material and maintain a strong brand presence
  • Develop video content and social media strategies
  • Project manage website updates and development of online tools
  • Manage all advertising and public relations
  • Project manage events including factory tours
  • Work with Wesbeam on their customer communication pieces and overall strategy
  • Develop content for trade shows and exhibitions
  • Develop press releases
  • Draft copy
  • Develop all collateral including video, photography and technical documents
  • Manage sponsorships and competitions
  • Manage all aspects of print production – from quoting, printing through to delivery and installation

The Result

As the only Australian manufacturer of LVL and I-joists, Wesbeam has built a formidable reputation over the years, growing as the most reliable and trusted LVL supplier for the residential building industry.

All marketing initiatives managed by Intersect continually reinforces the brand of Wesbeam and provides the key market segments with ongoing tools and information that provide a point of difference against competitors to achieve the year-on-year growth success the company has today.